Genesi Carbonio 360 GEO

Genesi Carbonio 360 GEO

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The first airbrush fiberglass carbon, the lightest on the market.

We are talking not just about a new airbrush, with better performance and reduced consumption of the product. We are talking about a real revolution in the world of the opening. More than 2 years of studies and research, to accomplish the most ambitious ever undertaken innovation process.

A metal core, in the respect of tradition, the lightest, the most fascinating material and with the best performance, i.e. the CARBON FIBER. A careful attention to details, even for the smallest components, makes this airbrush, UNIQUE in its kind, a professional instrument simply exciting.

  • Nozzle: 1.3 – 1.4


An aluminum body forged and shaped CNC 5 axes, injection of carbon fiber. For a strong, reliable and light set.



Small wheels setting Matt anodised aluminium with pin in hole threaded stainless steel. Internal compass with helicoid (reported net) for sliding, a setting of high precision stainless steel aluminium and lasting in time.